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  • FY Oilless Scroll Air Compressor (Model: FY-D500A)
    Overview Instructions
    • about 70kg

    • 660 x 610 x 375mm

    • AC220/AC380V

    • 4kw

    • 0.8-1.0Mpa

    • 500L/min

    • 0-40℃

    The product is an oilless scroll air compressor with high pressure and low energy consumption. Having reached the world-class level in each of its performance parameters, it has completely materialized such effects as oilless function, zero emission, low power consumption and low noise at a competitive price of only one third of or even less than that of international or joint venture brands of its kind. It can be widely used in all major commercial fields with high requirements on production environment and handling tool performance, such as trade fairs, medical sector, new energy vehicles, high-speed trains and dust-free workshops etc.



    1. This product needs to be operated in a well-ventilated, easy-to-cool environment.Mud water should be prevented from spilling in.

    2. Power up the product, turn on the switch for use.This product produces high temperature when running. For maintenance, it must be stopped running in operation with its power off for about 30 minutes till it is naturally and completely cooled down. It must NOT be cooled down directly by cold water.

    3. A regular check-up and maintenance is necessary periodically.The original parts must be used if repairs are required.


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