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    Shenzhen Fengyang Science and Technology Industry Co. Ltd, as the sole company, currently in China, possessing the core technology in air-floating load, is committed to improving the quality and efficiency in people's production and life with its high-efficiency and low-energy air-floating handling technology. 

    Besides its four mature products, FY Air-floating Carrying Case, FY Oilless Scroll Air Compressor, FY Air-floating Carrying Platform, FY Air-floating Gantry Crane, more products in different fields of application will be researched and developed to serve the society in the coming years. 

    The company owns a senior air-floating load technology R&D team and dozens of air-floating intellectual property rights and patents (covering multiple application fields). It creates unique, competitive advantages with innovative technologies, super cost-effective and high-quality services, leading a constant innovation in the carrying and handling industries over the world. 

    Fengyang Technology pioneers innovation for a better future!



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